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Broadcast charm far and wide

Generate reach through YouTube Ads

About 77 % of all internet users visit YouTube, Google’s streaming portal for videos, at least once per day. The remaining 32 % watch videos onthe internet at least once per week. For this reason, this channel possesses an unimaginable reach. Apart from that, YouTube Ads gives your the opportunity to place paid advertisements inside the stream. Through sharing the same parent company, the same SEA principle as with Google Ads (AdWords) applies: The ads are only displayed on search results that are contextually relevant. You only pay to Google if your potential customer watches the video for at least 30 seconds or clicks your advertisement – in the case of the Bumper Ad, only 6 seconds are required. As a YouTube Ads agency, we devise fitting Youtube Ads for you and implement them into your SEA campaign. As elsewhere, we are able to monitor the conversion rate to submit you with a report containing data, figures and facts regarding your profitability.

The fourth wall. Your advertising space.

The advantages of YouTube Ads

  • Cost containment via TrueView (ad needs to be watched for at least 30 seconds) and Cost Per Click/Cost Per Thousand models
  • Highly frequented video streaming portal guarantees widespread reach
  • Pinpoint target group definition (age, sex, income, marital status, interests …)
  • Cost control via frequency capping
  • Video as most popular format creates brand awareness
  • Choice between a wide range of advertising models
  • YouTube as a Google subsidiary allows for ad display on Google networks and partner websites.
  • Reaches social media networks through simple sharing
The impatient watcher

Advertise on the web with videos

As popular as YouTube is with its users, let us be honest: Most of us find it hard to endear themselves to ads that stand between us and our entertainment. On the web, the situation is hardly different, so video advertising has to follow a different strategy than on TV. A commercial on TV can unfold its story over an average span of 30 seconds before unveiling the product it advertises. The mystery of the reveal captivates the customers tired of advertising through its unexpected creativity. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish, that as a consequence, product and commercial often have little to nothing in common. On a YouTube video, which is often shorter than a commercial break of 5 minutes on average, the running time is infinitesimally shorter. Here, the message has to be made clear within the first 6 seconds, as the customer often closes the ad at this point. It can be an advantage to boil your spot down to those six seconds. Within this format, called a Bumper Ad, YouTube prevents skipping the advertisement.

Through thick and thin, whether short or long

YouTube Ads formats

A user of YouTube Ads has a variety of advertising formats at their disposal, both as a video and a static overlay.

  • Bumper Ad: runtime 6 seconds, unskippable. Charges apply via CPT.
  • Non-skippable Ad: A commercial limited to 15-20 seconds going before or during a video. Unskippable.
  • Skippable Ad: Traditional commercials with a runtime of up to 6 seconds. Also displayed on video game consoles
  • Video Discovery Ad: Displayed in several different places on the website, via keywords. Marked as an advertisement with a yellow box.
  • Display Ad: Text ad. Displayed to the right of the video in a predefined format. Only displayed on desktop computers
  • In Video Overlay Ad: Text ad. Appearing as a banner of various sizes at the lower frame of the video. Only displayed on desktop computers
  • Sponsored Cards: Text ad. Briefly appears at the right frame of a video and can be displayed by the customer by clicking on a symbol.
Decisions, decisions.

Which YouTube Ads format is the right one?

In the year 2016, an average of 53 % of internet users watched streaming videos with a runtime of less than 5 minutes. For this reason, we disencourage the use of short films. However, the overall trend towards moving picture ads over radio ads or animated banners promises an increase of brand visibility by a factor or 2.8 and an increase of readiness to buy by a factor of 2.6. Additionally, consumers were able to remember the ad’s content by a factor of 2.7. The motto therefore has to be: YouTube Ads, absolutely! Short and to the point. Infocards and video overlay ads are also said to have a positive impact on the click through rate.

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