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Social media and B2B marketing

It’s hard to picture today’s world without social media networks. We use them to connect to friends, acquaintances, work and business colleagues and our family, learning all the time what’s on their minds.
B2B marketing also relies on social networks. According to a survey by the portal LinkedIn, more than 81 % of small to medium-sized businesses already use social media for their online communication. No surprise there, as potential customers and colleagues of today have seven social media accounts on average. Your own presentation within social media isn’t just an important aspect concerning customer acquisition, but also in recruiting new talent. Xing and its in-house review portal Kununu are an important part in that.

The advantages of a well-groomed social media profile are obvious: an appealing social media profile doesn’t just attempt to bluntly sell, but creates closeness and loyalty to the company. In contrast to a website, users interact with you through likes, comments and reviews, creating additional reach for you by sharing posts through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Through this, they create real, direct feedback that contributes to the developement of your company.

Our services as a social ads agency:

Target group analysis

Not every social media platform is suited to your company. For this reason, as an agency, we analyse throrughly which users could be interested in your offer and, more importantly, where they are most active. From this data, we create a long-term marketing strategy for your social media accounts.

Social media ads

We carry your name out into the world, but for this to work, your posts have to be displayed to your potential customers as well. Next to quality, quantity and time of posting, the algorithm of the social media network in question is of relevance. Based on the fact that customers don’t actually search for terms in social media networks such as Facebook, Xing, or LinkedIn as they to with Google’s search mask, instead stumbling across an ad scrolling through their timeline, the exact definition of form and time for the customer approach through your ads is vital. To determine and implement these elements is part of our service offer.


Our results can be measured at any time. Using our social media montioring tools, we can detect with pinpoint accuracy who talks about you in what way on the internet and how your corporate claim is taken by the target group. Through continuous monitoring, we are able to steadily optimize your campaigns.

The people's unconquered social network


The social network used by the majority of the public is Facebook.
A company site at facebook has first and foremost serves representation and spreading information about products and services. Over 65 % of users of all ages use Facebook. It is ideally suited for target group oriented social media marketing. Additionally, the social signals – such as like figures, comments and shared content – of a company site positively influence search engine marketing and last but not least increases your own awareness. Using the Facebook network you acquire direct contact to your customers and so are able to immediately gauge how your ads and campaigns affect their recipients, allowing for operative measures. Through the aid of the “Notes” function, you can create informative, visually appealing texts reminiscent of news articles and share them with the community through a post.

Microsoft's international behemoth


LinkedIn is one of the most important international B2B portals. The platform is designed to facilitate establishing contact between companies – not just in the department of human resources, but also where it comes to business partnerships and connections. Here, we reach an international target group of 30 years and up with our ads.
A function similar to Facebook’s “Notes” can be found under the name of “Articles”.

The German classic of B2B networks


There’s life in the old dog yet. Xing is still ideally suited for B2B marketing, not only famously as an instrument for recruiting and acquisition, but also to promote business events. When looking for new employment, the built-in review portal Kununu has proven to serve as a trust building element. Similar to Facebook, posts hosted on other platform can be shared comfortably via link.

A quickly growing network of images


Next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most pervasive social media networks and is all the rage with young target audiences. Its content largely consists of static images and videos of a length of up to 60 seconds. Therefore, it is ideally suited for marketing purposes. Many companies already feature there and directly engage followers through #hashtagged posts. Interaction trumps here; a funny picture, an entertaining or exciting video or a snap shot from your employees’ daily lives builds trusts with the users. Knowing your target group and addressing them in the correct way is therefore of peak importance. The image galleries called “Stories” can be used as marekting tools with ease: As ephemeral content, they would automatically be deleted 24 hours after posting, but “pinning” them keeps them around indefinitely. Additionally, users that are already part of your followers are immediately informed when you post a new story. This social media network possesses a wide reach with 19.6 million users in Germany alone.

Brevity is the soul of wit – what can be said in 280 characters


Social media microblogging service Twitter functions following the motto “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Starting out at 140 characters for users to put their messages in, the amount of characters has doubled over time to 280. However, keeping messages short and to the point is still the way to go. Twitter is a social media network living in the moment. Rarely does someone scroll back in their timeline to keep themselves updated. Determining the time of posting is therefore essential. Twitter marketers do well to make use of so called #hashtags, which function as links to currently trending topics by using existing ones or establishing their own. Where ads are concerned, there are so called “sponsored tweets”, posts paid for and resembling banner ads online elsewhere. These are displayed to the users within their timeline and their own profile, hoping to turn them into followers. For “sponsored trends”, allowing you to reserve #hashtags that immediately show up within the current trends, you have to pay large sums within the five-figure range daily.

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