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Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is the abbreviation for„Search engine optimization“. This means measures that, when taken, lead to a website being listed under the first search results in Google, Bing and similar search engines. The site is optimized in regards to content and technology in such a way that search engines index them and list them higher up. A core factor with this is regular maintenance: An eye needs to be kept on rankings, as new SEO measures are created through the constantly evolving search engine algorithms. From one day to the next, an optimization strategy can suddenly be taken by Google as spam. As a direct consequence, search engines list your website lower. Therefore do not give your rankings idly to fate, but rather into the capable hands of an experienced SEO angecy.

Don't be content with rating a poor second.

Which role does SEO play with B2B companies?

As the owner of a B2B company, it is your uppermost goal to find and bind customers to achieve conversions and therefore revenue. Before any of this can happen, the customers need to find their way to you. In the digital age, this happens by pull marketing – the customer has to find your website through a transactional, informational or navigational search query. 90 % of all B2B transactions today begin with the search for a website at one of the pertinent search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ecosia. As a result, thousands of websites are delivered within a split second. Naturally, not all of these can be thoroughly compared with each other. Customers follow the same train of thought and therefore only seldom look past the first organic results. It is said that only the first three websites make the race. As a result, it is important as the owner of such a website to be found under the correct search terms for your own sector. This is achieved through content created through SEO , considered as good by Google.

From you to me, find the magic key

The keyword, the key to success

With thousands of competitive websites offering the same service, it seems utopian to aim for first place. Finding your own USP is therefore paramount. Optimizing your own website for a handful of choice keywords can pay big dividends. When the customer searches for these keywords and your website is SEO optimized according to the ranking criteria favoured by Google, it will dispense your website among the first results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). For this reason, it is of importance to find the right keywords and sensibly implement them into the text on your website. We as an SEO agency analyze your potential in this regard via relevant analyzing tools such as Searchmetrics, Google Ads (AdWords) or Screaming Frog and adjust the content of your website accordingly. However, keyword analysis is just one aspect of SEO that boosts your site.

Fast and fully indexable

Technical SEO

A technically optimized website forms the basis of SEO marketing. To determine a good ranking, search engines like Google check for and compare roundabout 200 different factors a website needs to fulfil. Part of them are for example a slim source code, quick loading times, programming up to W3D standards, site and link structures as well as indexing management. Technical problems and long loading times keep users from getting to the desired information quickly. The probability of them bouncing rises. Primarily important for indexing is the correct display on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. We know the optimization potentials of WordPress and TYPO3 and know how to optimally overhaul your website for SEO. In a nutshell, it all comes down to regular monitoring with regards to SEO criteria.

User friendly

SEO on-page optimization

Technology without content is only the job half done. Consecutively, it is of prime importance to design content appealing to Google, Bing and the like. Even though SEO is supposed to boost the ranking on Google and similar search engines, it is not written for them, but primarily with the customer in mind. Creatively written and appealing text, authentic images and clear structures invite the user to stay for a while, fulfilling another ranking aspect on the side. Your content should primarily offer added value to the onlooker, and not just fulfil SEO criteria. As a professional B2B advertising agency, we will put your products and services in the correct perspective. We dashion bespoke unique content in accordance with contmporary SEO rules, landing pages, as well as creative pictures and videos, which we will implement at fitting spots.

World famous in your own city

Local SEO

When you are looking for a new office, what do you enter into the search mask? Neither “office” nor “Office Düsseldorf” but probably “furnished office Düsseldorf Königsallee.” Many potential customers act following the principle of “Research online. Purchase offline.”, which makes search engine optimization in a local context attractive to regional businesses. The aim is to be displayed right within Google under the header “businesses near me”. Once again, a plethora of parameters play a role in achieving a good ranking, not lastly the user’s location. To not only be found locally, but also be found to be good, local SEO is indispensable. An optimized entry in Google My Business not only grants you excellent reach through granting further information and images, but also builds loyalty through trust within the customer.

Your digital business card with the search engine market leader

Why Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free service for company owners supplied by Google, allowing them to register their own company with Google like into a directory. For this, you only need to confirm the address of your own company by entering a code online, sent with a letter to the business address you entered. Use of Google My Business is deemed a positive ranking aspect by Google and helps you with being found by local customers, supplying them directly with important information such as opening hours and customer reviews. Not just your ranking, your reach likewise benefits of this SEO measure.

SEO - The neverending success story

Continuous Monitoring

Because Google ranking criteria might change at any time, a successful SEO campaign capitalises next to the initial keyword research from continuous montoring of successes achieved. Google used to announce changes with the search alogrithms through big updates such as Panda or Penguin. Nowadays, these core updates are publicly revealed in an ever decreasing frequency and consequently do not even receive a name. For this reason, it is vital to stay on your toes with SEO optimization and dynamically react to change. Using so called ranking monitoring tools such as Sistrix, our SEO agency checks search results of your chosen keywords in regular intervals to prematurly identify rising competitors and take countermeasures through continuous optimization.

Committed to the cause.

Why practice SEO?

Seach engine marketing

90 % of all internet activity begins with a search. Potential customers search for products, offers and services on the internet before buying them. After all, who wants to buy a pig in a poke? Google alone in in its capacity as market leader is contacted over 32,000 times a minute in search of service providers. No company worth its salt can avoid establishing a website. However, the core challenge lies in being found in the first place. Only those companies who appear in the search results top rankings will be clicked on by customers. Therefore, it is possible through marketing to reach one’s desired target audiences online quickly and efficiently.

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