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How your business benefits from search engine optimization

In the age of ever increasing digitalisation, search enging optimization likewise not only plays an increasingly important role in the B2C, but also B2B business. Over 90 % of all buying decisions in B2B begin with an online search. A good online presence is therefore indispensable for modern businessmen. SEO takes care of adjusting the content of your website in such a way, that it not only delivers the information sought for by customers in a handy format, but also follows the regulations established by search engines such as Google, Bing and the like. This way, search engine optimization done regularly and over a prolongued time period secures you a spot in the hotly contested top rankings, while also offering added value to customers. This is reflected in increased conversions and, as your advertising budget is being kept small, your revenue. If you deliver good and well structured content, you can afford to pay Google Ads (AdWords) less for the artificial boosting of your keywords and ads by optimizing your websites for them from the start. A good campaign always combines SEA and SEO. An agency such as ours takes care to always take into account the newest updates of the search engine algorithm of Google and the like to establish and preserve our customers’ ranking.

From the middle class, for the middle class

SEO agency from the Ruhr Area

As an SEO agency, Prime Avenue offers you on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization. These comprise of technical, contentual and structural improvements of your website, including a keyword analysis (search term analysis). Only those who speak the language of their target group can pick the correct search terms and create attractive landing pages for your customers. As an SEO agency, we deem it paramount to increase your visibility for the long term and therefore only employ Google approved tactics.

To get you and your company into the pole position is our mission statement as an SEO agency.

We specialise in increasing your visibility within search engines and likewise the amount of visitors to your website, completely without cost per click or active advertising.

Among our clients are sole traders as well as middle class companies from the B2B sector. Thanks to our wide portfolio, we can offer every customer individual consulting and optimizations specifically tailored to their target group and budget.

You want something done right, you don't have to do it yourself.

SEO Agentur vs. In-House SEO

As an SEO agency, we find it important to always keep ourselves up to date and to continuously improve and educate ourselves. The benefit is all yours. Changes within search engine regulations, focus shifts in quality control and other aspects can negatively impact your ranking within the search engine results. We help you to react to such changes timely, cleanly and without complications, informing you and adjust your website appropriately. With search engine optimization done regularly in such a way, you successfully avoid penalties and loss of ranking. As an SEO agency, we have got an excellent overview over different sectors and notice changes within the searchin algorithm faster. An in-house SEO will doubtlessly be able to develop a better understanding of your product or service than us. Especially with SMEs, however, we as an agency are able to realize SEO more affordably, as the effort does not warrant a full-time job.

Influence perception through expression

SEO creates brand awareness

Search engine providers seek to deliver their users the best possible search results to retain them as future users of their search engines. Therefore, search engines do their utmost to improve their search algorithms. Over the recent years, updates such as Panda, Penguin, Bert and the like were released by Google to combat web spam. To achieve a good ranking, one must therefore invest more into the quality of texts on landing pages than in the previous years. As a consequence, your brand is recognized directly proportional to how often and how high it shows up on the search engine results pages (SERPs), building trust. We as an SEO agency support you on your way to the top.

Once Upon a Time on the Web

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

We put great emphasis on sustainability. Our SEO agency does not optimize for the quick success, but so you can reach optimal search results in the future as well. Part of that is in conforming to the regulations laid down by search engines and to always score good results in Google’s quality control.
Short-term measures are fast-moving and often subject to penalties. In contrast, a continuous optimization aids you in rising through the search results. Technical jargon calls this Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.
While Black Hat SEO actively breaks the search engine guidelines and represents a spam-like method by creating its own network to boost a website’s rankings as quickly as possible, we as an SEO agency put all our efforts into the significantly more sustainable White Hat SEO.
Prime Avenue wants to increase your visibility through search engine optimization to acquire new customers for you. As an SEO agency, we distance ourselves from web spam methods and work tightly along the guidelines of search engines, to ensure optimal search results for you over an extended period of time.

A minute spent organizing is an hour earned

The right on-page optimization for your success

Link structures, meta titles, tags, alt text… the possibilities to optimize your sites, texts and images are immense. The right content is not the only thing substantially involved in securing your ranking success. Technical innovations also require optimization in their wake. As an SEO agency, we make sure that your pages are linked to one another and are properly optimized.

Ever increasing mobile availability

Why even practice search engine optimization (SEO)?

Internet research for products and services is of an extreme importance nowadays, concerning both companies and private individuals. In Germany alone, more than 90 % of all 14 to 90 year olds keep themselves informed through search engines such as Google or Bing. Starting with problem solutions, over to prodcuts and services. Vintage media is being used to a far lesser rate. Especially research through smartphones is a rapidly growing share.
More than 80 % of all people then only look at the first three search engine results, delivered to them by the search engine within the organic results. Therefore, good placement within the rankings is imperative to profit off the expontial slope of website visitors within the search engine rankings.
As an SEO angency, it is our passion to guide you exactly there. As our client, you profit of our years of experience in the field of search engine optimization. As an external service provider, we always take care to look at the circumstances objectively and therefore allow for a much more realistic comparison within the market.

Hand in hand


The topic of SEA (search engine advertising) should likeweise be considered within SEO projects. Search engine optimization through an SEO agency does not only entail an improvement of the organic search results. New content can likewise leave a positive impact on other marketing tools. Newly created or optimized landing pages for example are ideally suited for differentiated advertising of certain prodcuts or services. We also take care setting up your website for Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), allowing you to increase your revenue in the long term.
Google Ads (Google AdWords) is considered today as an important part of online marketing and offers more than just a good complement to your website optimized for organic reach.
As an inbound marketing agency, we take you by the hand and offer you advice and our services for your success in online marketing, both with SEO as well as SEA. We employ unobtrusive advertsing and customer-friendly advertising measures.
Start your first Google Ads (Google AdWords) campaign with us.

With you for every step of the journey.

Successful customer journey through precise touchpoints

As an inbound marketing agency, we create touchpoints to build a unique customer journey for your product or service. We let your products tell stories, trigger that certain feeling of “I want it” in potential customers and impress through creative marketing measures. Our team accompanies you and your business from the beginning and takes care building the right connections in your customer relationship through professional sales automation. Customer retention and acquisition for your company are paramount to us.

SEO Agency from Germany

Prime Avenue as a German SEO agency offers you comprehensive online marketing services in Bochum, Dortmund, Witten, Recklinghausen, Hagen, Hatting, Sprockhövel, Gelsenkirchen, Velbert, Wuppertal, Essen, Herne and other cities.

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