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Our mission statement

With us, you’ll make it into the top rankings

Search engines have become part of the most important marketing instruments of today. They provide new opportunities to reach interested customers, as the customers themselves decide which product or service to search for, excluding a large part of disinterested people reached through traditional, expensive media advertising.
Search engine optimizers working for Prime Avenue offer you extensive expertise to optimize your website in terms of content and regarding technological aspects. Devising optimization strategies, both on-page and off-page, is our passion. We make our way through figures and analyse your market in fine detail to guarantee your assured success.
As SEO optimizers, it is important to us to improve your visibility in the long term and therefore we adhere strictly to google-approved tactics.
The detailed keyword analysis (search term analysis) of our search engine optimizers helps you optimize your content for visitors and search engine alike. Thanks to our sustainable work, you also benefit of our services in the following years.
As SEO optimizers, we take care of a large clientele of sole proprietors up to medium-sized companies within the field of B2B. Through long years of experience, we can quickly adjust to your individual position and submit problem solutions and optimization potential at the double.

Trust through search engine optimization

SEO creates brand awareness

Search engines such as Google or Bing strive to present the best user experience to their users. For this reason, search engines are primarily interested to deliver fitting website suggestions to their visitors, allowing them to find the suitable product, the right service or the best solution to their problem.
Search engine algorithms are being continuously improved, for example through the recent years’ updates such as Panda, Penguin or Bert. The better tailored to the indiviual visitor those contents are, the higher the probability for that visitor to associate your brand (or website) with a positive experience.
With search engines, it works the same way. They will reward good content optimization. As search engine optimizers, it is our passion to balance technical aspects and content, to perfect the SEO optimization, to get your website into the top spots of the search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby strengthening your brand.

You have to do everything yourself. Or do you?

External search engine optimizer vs. internal SEO

In these fast-moving times, as search engine optimizers, we use our experience and daily training to make sure your website manages to establish itself for the long term within the top floors of the search engine ranking. Our objective assessment as an external service provider leads to realistic analytical results and allows for a clear identification of optimization potentials. We have good insight into several branches and are aware of the competition. An internal SEO will surely always have an advantage regarding a better understanding of your product or service.
However, through targeted measures, we as an external service provider are able to implement SEO at a much cheaper price especially for SMEs, as the effort does not require a full-time job at your company.

Training to find the right words

Keeping ourselves up to date as search engine optimizers

Online marketing is in constant flux. Both the competition as well as the guidelines keep changing regularly. The competition does not sleep. As search engine optimizers, we put a lot of emphasis on staying up to date. Continuous training is a staple at our agency, as it is the only way to deliver our customers an optimal result. We take on changes before they become problems.
Therefore, penalties by the search engine and loss of ranking can be avoided successfully.

Our services at a glance:

A column of search engine marketing

On-page optimization

Alt texts for images, meta titles and tags for landing pages, neatly organized link structures, fitting meta descriptions. Just four points to be aware of with technical on-page optimization. In synergy with value-creating content, on-page optimization through our search engine optimizers largely affects your ranking success.

In addition, good link structures and fitting descriptions lead to a better user experience.

The law-abiding against the outlaws

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO? White Hat SEO? Referencing conventions of Wild West movies, these two technical terms have become established in the world of SEO.
While adherents to the Black Hat SEO strategy actively flout the guidelines by search engines and try to affect a quick surge in ranking through network creation and spam, adherents to the White Hat SEO strategy like us feel obliged to the guidelines and to create long term success through fair and permitted measures. As do we. We distance ourselves from web spam methods.

As seach engine optimizers, we always keep ourselves up to date to changes within the guidelines of specific search engines and adjust websites as quickly as possible, so as not to lose the hard-earned competitive advantage.
For this reason, we call our efforts truly sustainable. The risk of a penalty is minimalized through continuous optimization, as the ranking results improve steadily.

Conversion on a new level

Search engine advertising

Advertisements in search engines are ever increasing in popularity. Projections by Statista.de prophesize an increase of SEA expenses of about 8 % within Germany every year to about €3.4 billion Euro.

As search engine optimizers, we do not only keep an eye on the organic search results, but additionally support you by placing specific ads for your products and services. We say: SEO and SEA belong together!

To increase your conversion rate in the long term, we take care to optimally set you up for Google Ads through fitting ads and modern landing pages.

For further information about Google ads and SEA, follow this link.

Increasing mobile availability

The significance of search engine optimization

Smartphones are becoming ever more popular. In 2018, already 81 % of Germany’s population above the age of 14 owned a smartphone. In 2019, it will be even more. Der Anteil der Smartphone-Nutzer zwischen 14 und 65 Jahren liegt bereits weit über 90 %. Und fast 100 % der Bevölkerung nutzen ihr Smartphone zur Internetrecherche.

The significance of search engine marketing has has dramatically increased over the recent years, shifting the focus from desktop PCs to mobile devices.

Time likewise is an important factor. Resulting from that, over 80 % of the demographic will only look at the first three organic search results, exponentially decreasing, and then will already have found what they searched for. To benefit of this behaviour, your need to optimize and to always be one step ahead of the competition.

With search engine optimizers for Germany

As an online marketing agency, Prime Avenue offers comprehensive services in Bochum, Dortmund, Witten, Recklinghausen, Castrop-Rauxel, Hagen, Hattingen, Sprockhövel, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Velbert, Wuppertal, Essen and Herne, among other cities.

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