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Increase conversions with a landing page

The first few seconds spent on a website decide whether a visitor becomes a customer or not. At the same time, online advertising used to capture a customers attention isn’t for free. Because Cost-per-Click and similar SEA models cost you money whether the visitor enages conversion or not, it is within your best interest that he does. This it the point where landing pages enter the scene. A landing page is a specially designed website representing a specific service or product, quickly and directly showing the costumer the advantages of your offer through the use of multimedia without a detour over the main page. An genau dieser Stelle setzt die Landingpage an. Likewise, it contains a clearly visible Call to Action button triggering the conversion. As a middle class B2B agency, we’ve made it our task to carve out your ideal balance between cost and profit through our expertise in the field of online marketing.

Check and adapt: revolution through evolution

Optimisation via split test

With user data left behind by visiting a landing page, we can put page views in relation to conversions effected. Through the employ of an A/B or split test, we can further optimise it. A split test comprises of a landing page being created in multiple, slightly altered variations being randomly displayed to arriving customers. Alterations may include the placement and colour of a button, the font, image size and the like. The important bit is that each version differs from the original only in one specific aspect. By containing this to your landing pages, you gain a cost advantage. Following the analysis of the data, we discover the optimum appearance of your landing page.

The perfect landing page

Expressive headlines

Your visitor has to be able to tell at first glance, what each paragraph demands of them and whether it contains the information they seek. The KISS principle is applied here: Keep it short and simple.

Information about the product

How much does it cost? What can it do? How much and what does it consume? What certifications and guarantees are included, respectively offered? All of these questions should be answered within a well and informatively worded info box.

Listing the product’s advantages

Consequentially, this also necessitates an overview of the most important advantages of the article in question. How does it stand out from the competition? What added value does the visitor gain by buying your product?

Call to Action button und contact form

If the customer is willing to trigger conversion, they should be given the chance to do just so. This is ensured by employing a clearly idenfitable Call to Action button. Should the consumer hesitate and harbour any final questions, a contact form allows them to contact an authorized employee in a timely manner.

Trust building elements

To further reinforce the quality of your product, so-called testimonials (praise for the product by well-known celebrities or authorities) can be employed upon the landing page as well as videos showing the product at work and a commentary section containing existing customer reviews.

Appearance in line with corporate design

As another trust building element, a landing page has to be designed in the company’s own corporate design. Deviations can give visitors the impression to have fallen victim to a scam, leading them to cancel the conversion.

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