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IT Marketing for your IT company

We make your software or service tangible and traceable. 

IT marketing for your IT company

As part of our IT marketing services we develop a digital marketing strategy together with you that will fill your customers with excitement – and therefore you as well!

Let your software product become tangible for your potential customers, using videos, tutorials or trial versions and thereby provoke interest. Using our experience in the field of successful customer journey creation, we help you create appealing touchpoints.

We as IT marketing experts take care of the correct presentation and placement of your company online and in tandem with you develop strategies aimed at your target group in order to generate conversions, whether these comprise of a download, a registration, a filled-in contact form or a call. From a wide array of services, you can choose what your need for your company – from setting up a new website and search engine optimization up to designing the customer journey.

Pique the interest of your potential customers.

Google Ads / SEO

As part of a lead generation campaign, we increase the demand for your software or IT service. We act in accordance with the motto “quality before quantity” to acquire new customers for you.

Using our expertise in the field of IT marketing, we position you up top on online searches so relevant interested parties find you and get in touch with you. Additionally, we support you by creating landing pages and developing and designing your sales funnel.

Show everything important at a glance.

Sales-oriented websites

The attention span of a user in the digital age is short. Each person decides within a few seconds whether a website matches their interests or whether they would rather leave. To even stand a chance to present your IT services to potential customers, you need to design your website in an attractive way. Clear structures, precise statements and appealing images move people to spend some of their their getting to know your product. Here is where we as IT marketers enter the picture: we optimise your company website with this goal in mind. We show you how to captivate the eyes of your costumers through a mixture of high quality content, graphic design and and technology.

Present yourself authentically online.

Company photography

An appealing presentation is an important step towards a solid foundation of trust. Therefore, you need to show yourself and your company from their best side through photography. You benefit from our years of experience within the field. We take care to captivate your best side. We possess the technology and technical expertise to set the stage for your service, your company or your employees in high resolution.

Image films of a high caliber.

Employee videos / customer testimonials

Use professionally created video clips to grant your potential workers and new customers insight into your universe. Create closeness and verisimilitude and and acquire the right target group for your company. Use testimonials of your existing customers to have your services speak for themselves.

Become unique.


As soon as you have decided on a name for your software solution befitting the program, you want it to be on everyone’s lips. A profitable endeavor, as 49 % of all internet customers state being influenced in their product choice by brand names. Using our experience in the field of IT marketings and your services, we will show you how to turn your name into a brand through branding. Based on your notions regarding company values and target groups, we lay the foundation for your brand and position our IT marketing for your company and your software product accordingly.

So you don't end up at a loss for words.

Marketing Localisation

We support you with the localisation of your website or marketing campaigns, starting with Google Ads (AdWords), over to SEO and even social ads. We work in close cooperation with your marketing division to implement the marketing localisation. We will find the right words for you to be understood clearly by your clients in foreign countries. Without any hassle, we translate any kind of text into English or German and check existing translations for completeness and correctness. We watch out for false friends, the correct usage of idioms and for us to always find the right tone of voice for your product description.

Why should you localise your website? Localisation is more than just translating. Already within the anglosphere, there exist grave differences between lexicons. A word can have an entirely different meaning in British English compared to its American equivalent. As an example, a jumper in British English is called a sweater in American English, while the same word either designates a type of dress or a set of cables
to jumpstart your car with. Adhering to cultural idiosyncracies is a deciding aspect for building trust with visitors of your website, while their neglect easily has the opposite effect. Furthermore, it is important for marketing localisations to pay attention to the emotional aspect of sales-oriented texts. A literal translation can leave customers completely cold when it fails to strike the right chord with them.
Finally, it should be observed that not every international customer understands English perfectly and could thereby be confused by untranslated English slogans.

Not just your website’s textual content should be adjusted to the local language in question, but also its structure and links, on behalf your customers as well as for reasons of search engine optimization. Naturally, we take care of adjusting clean URLs, meta tags, alt texts and a fitting local domain.

Prime Avenue is a German agency hailing from Bochum – right within the heart of the Ruhr area. We’re accustomed to hard work and live a hands-on mentality. We offer our services structured around all things search engine optimisation, Google Ads (AdWords) and digital marketing to our customers from all DACH countries, as well as Dortmund, Witten, Recklinghausen, Castrop-Rauxel, Hagen, Hattingen, Sprockhövel, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Velbert, Wuppertal, Essen and Herne.

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