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Google Analytics

Assess the behaviour of your users with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools for the assessment of customer behaviour on a website. Using this tool for analysis, we are able to track the behaviour of visitors of websites under our supervision through a plethora of included features and entirely in accordance with the GDPR. For example, places customers dwell the longest on can be highlighted through so-called heatmaps. Other factors recorded include their retention period as well as whether they leave the website before or after a conversion. That way, we can find out how to optimise the website going forward. For example, we are able to move elements into the “hot” area of the heatmap, while deleting those leaving the customers cold or keeping them from completing the conversion.

Personalisation is your ace in the hole

Increased ROI through better data

On the free market, any service that cannot be monopolised is fiercely contested through competition. Knowing one’s own target group and engaging in client egmentation is therefore paramount. Aided by the analytic tools provided by Google, we are able to continually trim and focus your campaign on that target group. Your ad creates costs through the Cost-per-click (CPC) model employed by Google each time a user follows the enclosed link to your website. It is therefore in your best interest to only have it reach your target group that will actually buy your product. In a nutshell: Using the right data, the CP can be lowered, at the same time increasing your ROI (return of interest). This is where Google Analytics’ tools come in. Using data gathered through there, we can determine whether your product actually reaches the right customers. With one look, we can see where your campaign is in need of improvement. Maybe the website’s structure doesn’t appeal to the customer? Do they need to take too many hurdles to trigger conversion? Do they find all control elements? Is there surprisingly a completely different user segment showing far greater interest in your product or service? Thanks to the demographical analysis, heatmaps, bounce rate and retention period counters, we see that reflected in the data. However, Google Analystics merely points to the vulnerabilities and goes hand in hand with our further services. Utilizing split tests, for example, we are able to improve on structural weaknesses, while an analysis of the users our campaign reached delivers us information about the tone of voice our marketing should adopt in front of potential customers.

Tracking the customer

Insight provided by Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics’ tracking tool, we can anonymously and in accordance with GDPR assess the user experience during running campaigns and draw conclusion on improving on it.

Thanks to KPIs extracted from the data, we are able to determine precisely how your Google Ads (AdWords) or SEO campaign is being taken by the users and where weak points hide. This information is of special importance to us, as we learn through it how to improve the user experience of your campaign and therefore your conversion rate.

For example, we can extract the search terms vistors of your site have entered to find you and also, whether a conversion took place, and in case of the visitor bouncing, what the last action taken was.

The semi-opaque user

Which data does Google Analytics collect?

Google Analytics collects the following anonymised data from users, which can be set by the software’s user themselves:

  • A heatmap, garnered from the most clicked areas on the site.
  • Time spent on the site, with a maximum measurement time of 20 minutes
  • Whether they looked up the website owner’s contact data
  • Content shared with social media through embedded social buttons
  • Consuming multimedial content and review scores
  • Adding of your own website to the user’s favourites
  • Page refreshment rate during their stay
  • Bounce rate (leaving the website without further interaction)
  • Campaign tracking (How did the user find the website? Through a google search? Via incoming link? By clicking an E-mail newsletter?)

No personal data is collected by the website itself. Demographic information is collected through the user’s statements of their person at other Google services. In accordance with GDPR, the costumer has to be informed about this situation in a data protection declaration. Setting it up is another of our services.

Advantages of Google Analytics

  • Help with the definition of the target group
  • Pinpoint detection of output devices
  • Qualification of your own advertising campaign’s success
  • Evaluation of data for Retargeting / Remarketing
  • Connectivity with Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Comfortable output of data into reports

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