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Drone photography in Germany

Lift off with your business.

Aerial photography for your project

Whether to increase sales or to cultivate your image, you want to show off your property or registered office online in an effective way. In order to achieve that, it is imperative to differentiate yourself from the competition. With expressive photography of your real estate, your dreams can come true. In the past, traditional photography could often result in proverbially one-sided results. Your customer wants to gain an overview of the property without having to expend money and time on the journey there and the arrangement of a viewing appointment. Using a drone, you can pre-emptively fulfil your customer’s wishes: Accentuate the exclusive location or the building’s layout by sticking the landing with aerial photography. Have the customers take in the surroundings by taking to the skies yourself. For similar results, it used to be necessary to have a crane delivered, which in turn meant further expenses on transport and assembly. The bulky equipment and coordinating the assemblymen meant an increased expenditure of time. We from Prime Avenue, the German B2B marketing agency, see ourselves as service providers for SMEs. We are further of the opinion that time is money. With drone photography, we are meeting you halfway.

Flexible and eco-friendly

The drone’s advantages

In contrast to formerly established methods, when using a drone your operations are not disrupted. The drone is ready with the arrival of our employee. It flies quietly, powered by a battery. This way, it leaves no ecologically damaging emissions or creates any noise pollution, leaving no traces on a compound site. Where other methods fail, imponderable terrain such as thick woodland or rivers pose no obstacles to the drone. As an afterthought, there is practically no danger for life and limb as the pilot stays grounded the whole time, saving you insurance costs. In summary, you receive an eco-friendly service package, affordably priced.

Technology on the rise

Aerial photography in high definition

Our drone incorporates a digital camera with a 20-megapixel resolution, allowing us to create aerial shots in high definition, which can be used on large format prints on buildings or at conventions. Additionally, it can record video at resolutions up to UHD 4K. With this, you have cutting edge technology on your hands which you can use for image films of your company or real estate. Another factor is the maximum altitude of the drone: The model we use can theoretically climb up to an altitude of 6000 m above sea level. Use the drone for shots indoors and show off the interior of your building through angles and tracking shots hitherto impossible without complex rigging. Your creativity knows no limit but the sky!

Eye in the sky


  • Designation: DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • Number of engines: 4 (Quadcopter)
  • Total weight: 1388 g
  • Maximum altitude: 6000 m above sea level
  • Maximum flying time: 30 min
  • Maximum resolution (Photography mode): 20 MP
  • Maximum resolution (Video mode): UHD 4K
  • Wind resistance: 10 m/s
  • Remote range: 7 Km
  • gimbal system for steady images
Uplifting experiences with Prime Avenue

Our services as Photographers

The German B2B marketing agency Prime Avenue operates within the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia and offers its services especially to customers from the Ruhr area around Dortmund, Witten, Recklinghausen, Castrop-Rauxel, Hagen, Hattingen, Velbert, Wuppertal, Essen and Herne. Contact us to arrange a meeting and we will visit you. On restricted terrain, we take care of securing the flight permit. With over 15 years of practical experience in real estate marketing and photography, we can capture your property effectively and appealingly. We do not only take the pictures, we also cut them into appealing films for your company using state of the art video editing software.
Stand out from the competition by taking to the skies with us!

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