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Digital Marketing

Your signpost on the data highway

Draw attention to yourself through digital marketing

Over the years, humans have evolved from passive consumers of advertising to an active critics. In 2015, 35 % of German customers preferred to shop online instead of at retail stores. Overall, 51 % of online as well as retail shoppers used the internet for researching products. Hence, potential customers search for and compare the defining features of a product with those of countless competitors on the web. With the aid of digital marketing, you succeed in drawing attention specifically to you and your product. Utilising our expertise in Google Ads (AdWords), search engine optimization and search marketing, you address the potential customer directly and establish an initial contact with them. Through search engine optimization and Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns we are able to place your website in such a way that interested parties discover it without any hassle. Taking these measures, potential customers are led straight to your website, which in turn must naturally satisfy the advertised requirements. To achieve this goal, we will design an appealing website for you with clear structures, interesting images and fitting content so your visitors become loyal customers.

Google Ads

Starting at 380 € per month

Lower your advertising costs with Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns supervised and maintained by us.


Starting at 780 € per month.

Employ search engine optimization on your website to create awareness of your services.


Social Ads

Starting at 380 € per month.

Strengthen customer relationships through ads on social networks like LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook.

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