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Case Study: EmSic GmbH

The business contact: emSic GmbH
The mission: Design and set-up of a new company website
The tools: WordPress 4.0, SEO writing, Drone photography, company photography, video editing.
Success: achieved!

"Authentic marketing is what we need today!" (Marc Scholand)

emSic GmbH

The emSic GmbH is an IT company situated in Marsberg, operating on an international scale with their main focus on software development, IT security and IT data security for industrial companies. After working as a software developer and IT consultant for a German company specialised in machinery and plant engineering for 15 years, managing director Marc Scholand decided to use his gathered knowledged to become self-employed. In Helmut and Friedhelm Köhler, he found two shareholders with 40 years of experience in electrical engineering. They recognized his potential and together they founded emSic GmbH.
The company specialises in the development of modular industrial software. Their crowning piece is the stock management software nTrac®, which is already being employed internationally.

Transparent consultation, complete protection

The core topic: Security

The nTrac® software controls heavy Sorting machines and reliably catalogues data. It already employed internationally at a variety of air cargo operators such as the Franko-Belgian LACHS (Liège Air Cargo Handling Services S.A.) or the FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services. With it, Scholand relies on user-friendly operation. Even the U.S. Air Force has had four of their bases supplied with products and security packages by emSic GmbH. As a second core topic, emSic GmbH offers trainings and seminars around IT security and individual, vendor independent software packages. This actively lived security-awareness had to be expressed within the web design as well.

Making high-quality services visible

Winning new customers over through web design

As an IT company, it is paramount to be able to be able to show a website in compliance with modern requirements
We, the German B2B online marketing agency Prime Avenue, found emSic GmbH during a routine customer acquisition, presenting us and our services to other IT companies within the area. Scholand met our inquiry with sympathy. To represent the internationally active company authentically on the internet and thus win new customers, Scholand awarded us a contract to create a new website for his company.

Seeing eye to eye with the client

An inviting web presence

emSic decided on a Website based on the user-friendly, versatile CMS WordPress 4.0. At the centre of the project, we wanted to preserve good content from the former website, to streamline it and to give it a makeover. emSic GmbH places trust and security first and foremost. For this reason, Fabian Post and his web design team designed a website in a calming shade of blue. Within the company premises, our photographer managed to catch the team at work in sympathetical poses, in order to convey to emSic’s customers the sense of duty embodied by company management.

Create customer retention through image films

As an additional service, Prime Avenue managing director Fabian Post was able to convince Herr Scholand of an image film for the emSic GmbH. Thanks to certain streaming portals, users of the internet have grown to prefer taking in new information in movie format. With this step, we believed to achieve higher conversions and customer retention through trust building. During the production of the image film, we conducted interviews with Herr Scholand and a a selection of his customers regarding emSic’s services to them. We were delighted to learn that Scholand and his team were regarded by their customers as highly reliable and accomodating.
Through drone photography, we were also able to catch the company premises surrounded by the Sauerland’s lush vegetation on film. Finally, we took our recordings and assembled them into a representative image film. Meanwhile, our copywriters kept themselves busy creating SEO-optimized content to improve visibility across search engines without the use of paid advertising measures.

"That was cool, that was a good match" (Marc Scholand)

Sympathetic cooperation right from the start

Scholand describes our company as sympathetic right off the bat. He states to have known already during the first phone call following our cold call both managing directors had a lot in common with regards to their customer base and their approach to their occupational fields. Both the emSic GmbH a well as Prime Avenue see themselves as service providers aiming to use their expert knowledge to make it as easy for their customers as possible without acting aloof because of it. One should be aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses to mesh them together for mutual gain. Scholand went on to praise our transparent cost structure containing no pitfalls or withholding any services that would have to be delivered subsequently at additional costs.

“I immediately got the feeling of receiving a lot of performance for my money.”

“The relaunch of our website and the image film got us on track in regards to marketing and my core focus. Exactly as it should be.”

– Marc Scholand, Managing director emSic GmbH

“We wanted to make the good nature and soul of the company visible!”

“We saw ourselves reflected within the company philosophy of the emSic GmbH. It was the incentive that made us implement the project.”

– Fabian Post, Managing director Prime Avenue GmbH


  • Web design: Setting up a modern WordPress 4.0 website
  • SEO: Creation of search engine optimized content.
  • Conducting customer and employee interviews
  • Video editing: recording an image film
  • Company photography and aerial photography using a drone

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